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All our lenses are quality ophthalmic lenses, which come with a scratch resistant coating as standard.

You can choose from our Lens Packages...

lens packages

Single Vision

Our Single Vision lenses are specially made to fit your frame and facial measurements to ensure best results in both fit and clarity, starting from £39

Swell Varifocals - All the basics

Swell, our standard Varifocal, is designed for smoother transitions between visual areas and is optimised to give less distortion. This means less 'Swim' (dizzy making movement) and better optics for clarity.

Starting from £79

Peachy Varifocals - Sitting pretty

Our Peachy Varifocal is a premium varifocal offering sharp optics, natural vision at all distances and further reduced 'swim' (like Swell). Perfect balance between distance and near vision, a wide natural field of view along with fast, easy adaption.

Starting from £109

Grand Varifocals - The bees knees

Our Grand Varifocals offer the most enhanced lenses with wide, distortion-free field of vision, giving you the most natural vision, comfortable sight and the best performance over all distances. This is one of most optically pure lenses available.

Starting from £139

coloured tints

From pink to grey - our tinted lenses start from £59

Check out tint colours here

Treatments + Coatings

Multi Anti-Reflective Coating (MAR) 


Our Anti-Reflective treatment eliminates reflections on the surface of the lens, enhances contrast and reduces eye fatigue.


Our Anti-Reflective back surface treatment is available and provides enhanced UV protection by stopping harmful UV rays from hitting the back of the lens and reflecting into the eyes. 


Transitions lenses adapt to all light conditions - going dark in the sun and clear when indoors. Choose between brown or grey, option found in 'Clear'

Lens Thinning

1.6 Index - thin
Reduce lens thickness by 20% - 25%  includes the Multi Anti-Reflective coating 

1.67 Index - thinner
Reduce lens thickness by 25% - 33%  includes the Multi Anti-Reflective coating

Ready to Wear Readers

Scratch resistant ready to wear reading lenses start from £25 or  go for the deluxe version with Anti Reflective Coating £45


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