Frame your face

Vintage Jane Birkin Photo David Bailey Vogue  1965

Don't hide your light under a bushel - frame your features with good fit and form, and never fiddle again!

Eyewear's essential for enhancing vision and providing sun protection, but it's also the perfect fashion accessory, with the power to update, transform and take you, with ease and grace, from day to night.

Frames must be stylish and versatile, as pieces are worn over and over again, but above all... they must be beautiful. Choosing the perfect pair is not always easy, so read on to find the right fit for your face...

Cathee Dahmen 60s Supermodel gave good face

Cathee Dahmen 60s Supermodel gave good face


Frame shape should contrast face shape. So if you have angular features, soften with curves and if you have round features, get some angles going on. Go with your gut and wear what you love.

For optical eyewear it's good to have some proportion, but with sunglasses you can go wild and have a little fun! The more coverage the better for hiding from both the sun and the paparazzi.


When selecting sunglasses and optical eyewear, oversized or not, pay attention to the width of the frames and the distance between the two lenses. Your eyes should sit as close to the centre of the width of each lens as possible.

Twiggy and her frames

Twiggy and her frames

Be warned... a frame that's too wide, will make your eyes appear too close together and no one will ever trust you again. They will end up on the end of your nose before long! Go too narrow and you risk appearing a little alien. 

Don’t follow guidelines solely based on the shape of your face, balance your features and keep proportion above and below the frames. 

Once you find your perfect pair - note the frame size and measurements and use this when in search of your next piece.


Choose a colour that compliments - colours that you know work with your skin tone and that you adore. Work with what you've got and consider eye and hair colour.

Black and tortoise frames are classic for a reason - they look great and work with everything. Or go bold and make a statement with vivid hue.

Vintage Rainbow Julio Le Parc

Vintage Rainbow Julio Le Parc

When it comes to lens colours, the world's your oyster! Choose block or graduated; all colours have different strengths... greys keep colour true, browns offer warm tones, greens are calming, pinks enhance visual depth, blues improve colour perception and yellows are perfect for low light like sunrise and sundowners. 


Never compromise on quality - a good pair of sunglasses or optical frames can last a lifetime. That's why we love vintage sunglasses and eyewear - they're only still around today due to the quality and craftsmanship of the often handmade frames.

You only have to hold a pair of vintage frames in your hand to feel the difference. Buy the best you can afford, quality over quantity always.

If you go vintage you're making a more sustainable choice so you also get to feel extra smug!

Pierre Cardin, 1970s Vintage Sunglasses

Pierre Cardin, 1970s Vintage Sunglasses

UV Protection

Sunglasses are crucial for protecting against sunlight that damages eyes over time. Only shop frames with UV 400 protection. The bigger the frame, the better the coverage. Don't leave home without them! 

Now your hunt for the perfect pair can begin in earnest and here's the perfect place to start. Go with your gut and wear what you love.

Get in touch and let us help you on your journey to eternal visual happiness. Your face will thank you!