Hocus Pocus

Double double, toil and trouble, fire burn, and caldron bubble


It's one of our favourite festivities - we love a little fancy dress at Peep HQ. If you feel like taking your Halloween accessories next level, read on...

Vicky Butterfly a la Louise Brooks

Vicky Butterfly a la Louise Brooks

Transform yourself this Halloween from pussycat to vampire, whichever takes your mood. Indulge your flight of fancy and add the finishing touch with the help of vintage sunglasses or cosmetic coloured contact lenses.

Kikimj favim.com

Kikimj favim.com

Stunning though they look - here's our tips to avoid eye damage and stay safe this Halloween... 

Get an up to date eye examination - remember to leave time for a trial and purchase only from your Optician.

Never share contacts with your coven - don't hand these round with your party nibbles!

Remember to finish with a follow up appointment to ensure no ghouls remain.

A very real Halloween creature that creeps in the night (and day) is Acanthamoeba - a year round bug that feasts upon your eyes!

vintage halloween.jpg

Don't freak! This is one rare bug, but it can be found in soil and water, which is why contact lenses need to be treated with respect - even spooky ones!

That's your peepers sorted - what else will wow the undead? Work a dark lip, slip on some black slink and get your Bonnie & Clyde on with our Halloween inspo...



Throw on your best beast and have a hauntingly good All Hallow's Eve.