Take it to the Tux


Attitude. Confidence. Power.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Tuxedo.

Marlene Dietrich - the master at work

Marlene Dietrich - the master at work

The smoking jacket could well be our favourite piece of all time and without doubt what we'll be sporting throughout party season.

19th Century men’s smoking jackets took their name from the velvet and silk lapels, designed to absorb smoke and protect gentlemen's clothing from falling ash.

One of the first female stars ever to adopt a men’s tux was the iconic Marlene Dietrich. Donning top hat and tuxedo for her role as cabaret singer Amy Jolly in the 1930s film Morocco. A bold boundary pushing move as trousers were a long way off being worn by women!

The introduction of 'Le Smoking', created by the genius mind of Yves Saint Laurent in 1966, was a game changer.  The androgynous suit, immortalized by Helmut Newton, was a whole new attitude for women and the perfect antidote to ladylike dressing of the 50s.  

Helmut Newton 1975

Helmut Newton 1975

The iconic suit continues its legacy today. Borrow from the boys in this empowering statement piece with its sharp tailoring and clean lines that always deliver.

A timeless classic and red carpet favourite - a must for modern wardrobes. Check out Victoria Beckham's New Tuxedo Collection if further proof is required.

Downplay with sneakers or steal the show and lose the shirt. Bianca Jagger rocked the white version and even married in it. Just add frames and you're golden.

Embrace your inner boss, cross your legs with wild abandon and go get yours.