Care Guide

Taking care of you

All our optical lenses are quality ophthalmic lenses, which come with a scratch resistant coating as standard.  Our sunglasses lenses block 100% UVA/UVB rays for enhanced sun protection.

Ultraviolet Light (UV) is the main cause of cataracts and retinal damage, so year round protection from UV rays is essential. 

Tint Categories

Category 0 - for fashion or indoor use
Category 1 - low sun exposure
Category 2 - medium sun exposure
Category 3 - high sun exposure - most common
Category 4 - intense sun exposure, not for driving

Taking care of your vintage frames

Sunglasses can last if looked after - so treat these babies well - here's some hints and tips...

Store in the case + clean with the cloth


A lightweight, durable and long-lasting material ideal for producing high quality frames.  Derived from the cotton plant, acetate is naturally hypo-allergenic and less likely to irritate especially if you have sensitive skin.


A heat resistant plastic which gives excellent surface finish and is higher strength than acetate. It's lightweight, flexible and adapts to the shape of the face. It's also hypo-allergenic and resistant to cosmetics.

Top Tip - don't use your glasses as a headband or they will lose their shape... even the Peep team struggle with this one!


Make the nose-bridge & nose-pads the last areas you swipe when cleaning, as all the build up of natural face oils or make-up end up here - this avoids spreading the oil across your lenses.

Cleaning Plastic & Metal Frames

You can keep your frames looking good by regular cleaning with just simple warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.  Avoid scented soaps or ones containing dyes. After rinsing, dry your frame thoroughly with a smooth, lint-free cloth like the one you get from us.

Cleaning Lenses

Again the best way of getting rid of oil from your lenses is good ole fashioned warm soapy water.  You can use lens cleaners, which do work well, but make sure they're suitable for anti-reflecting/coated lenses before using.

Be sure not to use chemical cleaners on your frames or lenses!

Damage Control

If your frames do suffer some scratching, we offer a free polishing service (t&cs apply).  

If your lenses sustain any trauma or you just fancy a different tint, talk to us - we can reglaze at a discount for our customers.