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 eco friendly glasses & sustainable sunglasses

We like to do our bit to keep this planet green by stocking eco friendly glasses and you can’t get any more sustainable than vintage. Now your eyewear can be as planet friendly as the rest of your wardrobe.

We’re committed to being an eco friendly business, not only saving frames from landfill by refurbishing and restoring glasses for a new lease of life, we also plant a tree for every pair sold.

Shopping vintage

When you shop vintage you’re not using up new resources - these items are already in existence and we’ve already consumed energy producing them. Eyewear can often be found languishing in drawers, when it could be repurposed for a second life. It’s a far more sustainable and eco friendly option.

We’re inspired by the artisans of yesterday and the craftsmanship that produced these, often handmade, beautiful frames from authentic design with classic shapes producing little waste. Vintage frames were made to last.

repair, reuse and refurbish

To help our customers turn away from fast fashion and support the slow fashion movement we offer a reglazing and refurbishing service.

Peep Polish - our glasses and sunglasses restoration service - from oiling to polishing, this service removes scratches, general wear and restores lustre to give glasses a new lease of life.

Reglaze My Glasses - if your prescription has changed or you’ve scratched your lenses and still love your current eyewear. Don't throw them away, reuse your frames and reglaze your glasses with new lenses.

every pair plants a tree

To balance our impact on the environment we’ve teamed up with Trees for Cities the tree planting charity, to plant a tree for every pair of ethical glasses or sunglasses sold.

Trees are vital to our ecosystem and remove tonnes of air pollution, including carbon dioxide, dust and other gaseous toxins.

From urban forests to the creation of edible playgrounds, Trees for Cities strengthen communities by creating green spaces through volunteering opportunities.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Our packaging boxes are made from FSC certified recycled and recyclable card and we’ve switched to recyclable paper tape and tetra recycled plastic tape where necessary.

Packaging void fillers. We will always reuse any returned boxes, but if they’re unusable as postage boxes, we’ll shred them and use the shredded board as void fill to keep your eyewear perfectly preserved. This can just be recycled as normal cardboard. If you find any bubble wrap in our parcels, we are reusing this from our suppliers who are not quite there yet with eco friendly packaging and hope you will reuse it too.

Our business cards are made from 100% post consumer reclaimed material FSC certified card with vegetable dye ink.

Our Patti stickers - we’ve switched to uncoated natural adhesive stickers that are totally recyclable.

Cloths + Cases

Our glasses cleaning cloths are made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.

Our cases aren’t single use as people tend to hang on to and reuse glasses cases, however we are working on a more eco friendly option... watch this space.

Going green in the studio

We use a green renewable energy supplier, LED light bulbs and the studio itself was built from salvaged windows, doors and thrifted vintage furniture – we hope to install solar panels in the near future.

We use only thrifted vintage clothing and props for our styling and shoots.

Multiple recycling bins are used in the studio to separate out our waste that we cannot reuse.

It’s an ongoing work in progress, but we’re a small business so we can move quickly when we discover new greener solutions. We reuse and repurpose as much as we can.

 If you have any ideas on how we could go greener we’d love to hear them!