WHat Is a PD + How to Measure your PD

PD graphic.jpg

What is a PD

A PD (Pupil Distance) is the distance between your pupils. We need this to accurately make up your glasses.

If this measurement is wrong it can result in eye strain, headaches or blurred vision. 

Where to find your PD

Your PD measurement doesn’t form part of a standard eye examination. It's the responsibility of the dispensing practitioner to measure this for you as part of dispensing glasses.

Can I take my PD myself?  

You can take this measurement yourself with a ruler, but it's best left to someone with expertise for accuracy.

Average PD

In our opinion, no one is average, we're all totally unique. So taking an average PD is not best practice, as it's not tailored to your eyes. 

How we take your PD

We like to take our own facial measurements to get your glasses just right.

So we'll get you to take a selfie with a ruler, so we can work it out for you...

  • wearing your frames (if you have them)

  • hold your phone camera at arms length

  • camera to be dead ahead at eye level

  • apply a ruler to your forehead

  • ensure numbers are facing out

  • make sure they can be clearly read

  • remain poker faced

  • email it us with your name & order