What peeps are saying

Luxiders Magazine

Top Ten Sustainable Sunglasses:

“Peep is a vintage lovers candy store of jewel coloured delights. With colours, shapes, styles and all the classics, Peep provide a modern vintage take on the on iconic favourites from the past. Frames are lovingly restored, so if you’re looking for something new unique you’ll find it at Peep.”

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Citizen Sustainable

“Peep is a company with a bit of a difference. Ensuring good pairs of sunglasses don’t get thrown out - instead Peep restore them to former glory and extend the lifespan of existing sunnies. On top of this Peep plant trees to counterbalance any environmental negativity.”

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Fran, Ethical Unicorn

“How great are these sustainable sunnies from Peep Eyewear? Recycled vintage frames, plus now I literally have rose tinted glasses!”

Besma, Curiously Conscious

"It’s a beautiful concept, and epitomises vintage to me. Jo is quite a magpie when it comes to selecting the vintage specs she renovates.

These frames truly are yours and yours alone: you’ve chosen the frames and the lenses. I’ll truly treasure these sunglasses as they’re the only ones out there that exist – they’re made especially for me!"



Sophie Davies, A Considered Life

"My glasses play a huge role in my personal style. You might have to wear your glasses out of necessity, like I do, but that doesn't mean you can't love them like any other accessory. When I discovered my Peep frames, they were exactly what I had been looking for all this time - they're perfect"


Pebble Magazine

"Proving that not every purchase has to be new, Peep Eyewear specialise in repurposing vintage frames - think gorgeous OTT shapes from the 60’s, superior sunnies from designers like Dior and oversized 70s numbers to really add something special to your summer style"


Caroline Jones, Knickers Models Own

"Beautiful 60s reconditioned Italian frames with sculpted detail and hand polished finish. Oh my they're good. I loved styling them up"


Lauren, Global Garbs

"Peep's a bit different than other brands, there’s something extra special about them. They're Modern Vintage. We love the idea of taking something old and making it new again - it's almost an art if you ask us"


Antonia Sánchez-Toomey,

Tinker Tailor Online

"Some days call for enormous sunglasses and the prettiest shirt in your wardrobe. They're vintage and fabulous!"

Eluxe Magazine

"Oh how I love this label! This British brand repurposes, fixes and recycles vintage shades that would do Jackie O proud. There’s lots of personal service offered, but best part is that these are rare finds – chances of someone sporting the same style are practically nil!"