Eco Friendly Festivals

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It’s time to festival. Here’s our favourite eco friendly festivals to enjoy this summer with a spot of vintage thrown in coz we can’t not.

eco friendly festivals in the UK

Our festival culture in the UK is big - we love a good party. What’s exciting to see is the new eco friendly focus on environment, minimising waste and sustainability. From banning plastic bottles to recycling schemes and lots of lovely water points to refill your reusable bottle.

Tyson Dudley

Tyson Dudley

Here’s some of the best eco friendly festivals in the UK happening this summer…

Timber 5-7 July, National Forest

Latitude 18-21 July, Suffolk

The Green Gathering 1-4 August, Chepstow

Wilderness 1-4 August, Oxfordshire

Valley Fest 2-4 August, Bristol  

Sunrise 16-18 August, Hereford

Green Man 15-18 August, Brecon Beacons

River Cottage 24-25 August, Axminster

Shambala 25-29 August, Northamptonshire 

A vintage affair

It doesn’t get any more sustainable than vintage. Invest in joyous pieces from the past, reminisce and revel in the look, feel and sound of bygone eras with a vintage festival.

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Oh and we’ll be popping up at the Nottingham Carnival and Vintage & Handmade in Shropshire so come on down and party with us!

Twinwood Bedford,  23-26 August

Vintage & Handmade RAF Shropshire 17-18 August

Vintage Carnival Nottingham, 31 August

Goodwood Revival Sussex, 13-15 September

what kit to pack

When packing up your festival kit, remember less is more and who needs to shower anyway?

Here’s how to be a little more eco friendly this season…

  • Avoid plastic; don’t bring disposable plastic with you and refuse single-use plastic when there.

  • Bring reusables; your cup and water bottle, cutlery, a container for food, a cloth napkin and a simple bar of soap and cloth for washing.

  • A rain mac to avoid those nasty single-use ponchos for the inevitable downpour.

  • If you simply must glitter, make it biodegradable.

  • Avoid cheap festival sunnies that will end up in landfill. Bring your own sunglasses and the hard case to protect them. Better still invest in a frame chain - perfect for a little festival action.

  • Travel light - just essentials and the spirit of the fiesta and car share where you can.

by Gilbert Beltran

by Gilbert Beltran

woodstock baby

We can’t talk about festivals and not mention Woodstock. In August 1969, over half a million people came to New York for the iconic 3 day concert. America was knee deep in the Vietnam war and Woodstock Festival was an opportunity for people to escape into music and spread a message of peace and unity.

“Woodstock 1969 was a reaction by the youth of its time and the conditions we faced,” Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang. “We proved that it is possible to live together in harmony and with compassion. Woodstock gave people around the world hope, which is why I think it remains relevant today.”

And they’re attempting to do it again this year, fifty years on. ‘For Woodstock 50, we’re supporting causes that represent the issues of our times… but our call to action is timeless. Stand with us. Make a difference. Help heal the planet and the people living on it’

We can’t disagree with that - read more here

Enjoy a planet friendly festival this summer..

Peace Out.