here comes the sun... doo doo doo doo

Nothing feels better than the sun on our skin... but in our eyes? 

With warmer, brighter days peeping through, it's time to consider our eyewear. Is it up to scratch? Is it full of scratches?  Is it protecting our peepers?

The sun's ultraviolet light and exposure to UV radiation is linked to cataracts, skin cancer and growths on the eye.  In those glorious summer months, radiation is three times greater than in winter - yikes!

We're all lathering on the factor 50 and then leaving our shades on the windowsill, leaving our eyes to the mercy of the sun's harsh rays.

Quality eyewear is the only way to roll - protecting your peepers by investing in sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB radiation.  The colour of the lenses doesn't matter - the percentage of UV protection does!

Make sure you go for 100% every time.  Oversized or wraparound frames block the most sun from all angles and let's face it who doesn't love an oversize frame?

If you're already a vintage lover make sure your lenses are up to the job - if they're over 30 years old, they may offer no UV protection at all or wear and tear might mean they don't offer enough.  You can get this checked at an Opticians or bring them bang up to date and have them re-glazed.  

Wearing sunglasses without UV protection is worse than not wearing any at all - the pupils relax and let in all that nasty unfiltered radiation, resulting in scorched eyes - no one can carry that look off #ProtectYourPeepers

Don't panic - just give us a shout and we can bring your beloved shades back to life with our re-glazing and polishing service. Talk to us about Polarising if you want to go the extra mile. 

All peep sunglasses give 100% UVA & UVB protection and we've popped a special anti reflection coating on the back, enhancing your sun protection and reducing glare on those lazy hazy summer days.

Here comes the sun and I say it's alright.  

Now where did I leave my pina colada?



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Pina Colada print by Lou Boyce
Sunshine Illustration by Marc Johns